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Ryan Barrett

Having always been a very visual person, growing up, I had to be constantly reminded not to touch things, I just can’t help myself. Countless times, I was told that I had eyes on my fingertips, however, as with everything in life, there is a silver lining with those ‘eyes’ having been invaluable in my professional career. Always having had a swift reaction to works of art, Ryan’s ceramics struck a chord at first sight. immediately noticed this small and elegant long neck Raku vase across a room full of artworks. That was six years ago now and I can vividly remember that first moment. That was the beginning of a special relationship where I have considered myself incredibly privileged to be able to get to know Ryan as a person and see him excelling as an artist. Ryan, can only be described as a modern polymath, a most talented virtuoso artist in many disciplines; textile design, photography and ceramics among others. A self taught ceramist with an inquisitive mind, an eye for detail and an innate drive for perfection that took him all the way to Japan. He desires to succeed with the patience, the tenacity to endure challenges with the endless varying elements that affect the complex and creative process of his unique pieces, as well as, ultimately being able to apply a strict process of selection. His approach to ceramics and porcelain is very intuitive and experimental. Using antique manmade constructions, sculptural art, surfaces and endless textile textures are key in the foundation of Ryan’s creative inspiration, one guided by his love of Modern and Abstract Art. He constantly experiments with natural glazes and minerals to create unique colours, tonal mixes and cascading effects like Llorens Artigas and Dalpayrat. With these pieces, the largest he has ever made, he has focused on white translucent, very malleable white frogged porcelain with molochide, and including onyx black porcelain with the addition of certain oxides for colour. Porcelain must be expertly manipulated using a mixture of elements to obtain the required liquidity for flow creating thousands of compressed coils, in addition to the delicate drying process. So many elements and variables can lead to alterations, vulnerabilities and imperfections. Much time and effort is thus required to obtain a successful work and maybe even a little luck.

Alexandre de Prat i Pont


ITEM -1414

Large white, blue and light brown monotone triple body layered textured porcelain vase

Incised marks

(h:69cm - d:26cm)


ITEM - 910

Glazed blue and brown reeded cylindrical textured porcelain vases, one with side neck fold

Incised marks

(h:14cm - d:12cm)


ITEM - 421 & 122

A pair of black and white baluster layered cylindrical redeeded textured porcelain vases

Incised marks

(h:51cm - d:25cm)

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