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Ryan Barrett


Ryan is an orchestrator of controlled chaos, a sculptor of hard edges in naturalistic worlds, a refiner of organic aesthetics that retain rough and human qualities.

Ryan’s desire to make forms was forged during his childhood in his native county Suffolk. Developing his taste and sensibility with his handy father and inspiring College art teacher.

It was further informed by his studies at Goldsmith University in London where he experimented in a variety of mediums from sculpture to paintings, and was especially drawn into the world of textile design. Upon moving to New York in 2011 as his modelling career took off; Ryan worked as a print designer. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to co-found his own print and textile studio, and innovative online selling platform, Vooprint Ltd, in the beginning of 2013.

Ryan first began experimenting with ceramic in 2013, taking over his grandmother’s shed to settle into his first pottery studio. Self-taught, his approach to ceramic is very intuitive and experimental.

Antique manmade constructions and sculptural art are the foundation to Ryan’s creative inspiration. He is especially influenced by Modern and Mid-Century abstract art; specifically by the visual language of shapes and monumental forms of British artists Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth.

From his textile background, Ryan is naturally drawn to surfaces and textures. He constantly experiments with natural glazes and minerals to create tonal mixes and cascading effects.

An ever evolving process, much of his work is developed in series and explores variations of forms with soaring organic surface textures.

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