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Raku smoke fired vases

Grogged clay with carbonated negative stripes in white crackle glaze

Olive oil bottles

Iron sprinkles on a dark blue rutile underbase glaze


Organic plates and bowls

Black vulcan clay with earthy brown glaze

Ceramics London, Ryan Barrett

Moon Vase

Crackle belly, teal blues with clear and rutile underbase glaze


3D Printed Series

A printing process of thousands of coils compressed together to form mathematical shapes from porcelain 


Ceramics London, Ryan Barrett

3D Printed Mirror Forms, monotone layered textures

Ryan first began experimenting with ceramic in 2014, taking over his grandmother’s shed to settle in his first pottery studio. Self-taught, his approach to ceramic is very intuitive and experimental. Much of his work is developed in series and explores variations of forms with soaring organic surface textures.